Poems by Lara Lambelet

Images: © Lara Lambelet.

Author: Lara Lambelet

Poems and short notes

Your bombastic way of showing off love made me giggle. I could not properly gage thy truth and had to shed my salty prejudices.

Wrapped in ivy, the intricacy of your heart pinched my lips.

I knew he loved me the moment he started looking at me so intensely with a soft smile and a deep silence that meant everything.

On the verge of joyfully exploding in a rain of sensations, let us live our absconding love.

Let me taste your lips as if they were my ultimate and everlasting meal.

We are endless books whose blank pages to blacken are added day after day in the libraries of our lives.

I gasped deeply, consumed by the sparkling feeling spreading inside me, as our sights met each other.

I cannot resent you for falling in love with me.
I wouldn’t blame myself for letting you steal my heart, either.

Photograph of sand dunes, with 2 silhouettes in the distance and the sea visible at the horizon.
To my darling

To my darling

I don’t know if your thoughts sometimes move slowly towards me, if your heart is in love with the same overflowing feeling as before, but I know that you will always be a person who has turned my life upside down and taught me what love is.

Should I?

Should one let oneself fall prey to love?
Isn’t it a genuinely perilous attempt?
I suspect I’m not alone in believing the answer is no.
An underrated emotion which has overwhelmed more than one.
“I love you”, these misused words which frightened the best of us, have been endlessly and secretly whispered.
From whom could I steal the credit for teaching me how to truly love?

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