COVID-19 lockdown exit phase 1

Dear IVIF Users,

The IVIF on-site activity has been authorized by the Dean under certains restrictions and specific sanitary rules:

  1. Researchers willing to use the facility must notify their own PI and must receive an official authorization from the FBM.
  2. Do not use the facility if you are sick or if you have been in contact with a COVID-19 infected person in the last 14 days.
  3. Make your reservation on IRIS before arriving. Only the person that booked the instrument is allowed to use it.
  4. Remote work will remain the norm until further notice. As such, please let us know ahead of time (by Friday at noon for the following week and only after having received the authorization from the FBM) if you need us to be physically there to help you. Be aware that most instruments can be remotely controlled. If you have issues please contact us.
  5. Only one person at the time in each room, as such if you need assistance we will first try remotely and only if required we will come. In that case, for offices outside of the animal facility you will need to exit the room first after cleaning up the working zone.
  6. Our activity depends on the animal facility operation, so please make sure you are following the rules suggested by the animal care takers (contact for info). Please pay extra attention to save masks as much as possible (2/day/person).
  7. For analysis workstations located outside the animal facility, only one person at the time is allowed. Make sure you respect the following rules:

thank you for your understanding, stay safe,