Alexandre Bénéchet, PhD
Facility Director
Intravital Microscopy; Optical imaging; Immunology

Dr. Alexandre Bénéchet obtained a MSc at Pasteur Institute Paris in 2010 and a PhD in Immunology at the University of Connecticut USA in 2014. He trained as a Post-doc in the Matteo Iannacone’s lab at San Raffaele in Milan. After more than ten years in Immunology and developping intravital imaging he started the In Vivo Imaging Facility for the UNIL/CHUV community in 2018.

+41 79 556 3771

Giulia Di Domenicantonio, PhD
Research Associate

Dr. Giulia Di Domenicantonio obtained a PhD in Physics at the EPFL. From 2014 to 2018 she trained as a Medical Physicist at Geneva University Hospital under the supervision of prof. Habib Zaidi. She joined the IVIF in 2022 after almost ten years of research in medical imaging at the CHUV. Her expertise covers mainly MRI, microCT and both global and focalized irradiators.

+41 79 556 9986

David Viertl, PhD
Research Associate

Dr. David Viertl obtained his PhD in Nuclear Medicine in 2010 and obtained his certificate of advance studies in Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry & Radiopharmacy in 2018. He has more than ten years of experience in anticancer drug development from preclinical research to clinical trial in nuclear medicine and radiation oncology at the CHUV. Since 2015, he is managing the microPET/SPECT/CT imaging facility of the nuclear medicine department, In 2020, the laboratory associated with IVIF.

+41 79 556 4521