CLE – finalizing installation

Here is an update on installations of the IVIF at the CLE C/D, please let us know if you want to visit: Please be aware that the access to the facility starting from the 18th of November will be through the animal conventional facility (green coat required).

  • Room CLE C 104 has been equipped with a hood for mouse handling, a microCT and a Biolum/fluo (“IVIS like”) detection system from MILabs. Both can be used separately or combined for 3D simultaneous Biolum/Fluo + CT. The IVIS lumina II (xenogen) will be moving to this location ultimately.

  • Room CLE C 102 has been dedicated and totally secured for irradiation with the already exciting Cesium irradiator and the RS2000 for whole cage irradiation.

  • Room CLE C 101 with its stereomicroscope leica M60 is equipped for animal surgery.

  • Room CLE D 102 & 103  intravital microscopy rooms. the first room has been installed with a surgery bench and a Leica stereomicroscope MZ16F while the 103 is hosting the multi-photon microscope from LAVISION.

  • Room CLE C 301 is where you can find IVIF staff and 3 powerful workstations for analyses on dedicated software (Imaris Cell packeage, Living Image 3.2 and 4.7 from perkin elmer, Imalytics from MIlabs…).