Third consecutive victory for HEC Lausanne in the ERPSim competition

HEC Lausanne was the winning team in the international ERPSim competition for the third consecutive year. It was one of the 10 best teams to take part in the final of this year’s competition, which was held on 21 June 2016. The high level of the competition meant the HEC Lausanne team had to pull out all the stops to achieve a great win, proving all its know-how and talent.

ERPSim is the name of the platform developed by HEC Montreal and used at HEC Lausanne on the HEC Business Game course, delivered mainly by Professors Christine Legner and Thibault Estier. It is a simulation which allows students to put into practice different concepts taught during the first two years of the Bachelor programme; in concrete terms, the game was based on selling packs of muesli produced by a specialist manufacturer. Course assistant and researcher Thomas Boillat was the team’s coach.

This year’s competition used a different assessment method, with each team only finding out where they were ranked at the end of each of the three rounds, after HEC Montreal had calculated their position and told them; in previous years, the teams were able to access their ranking directly. This added a degree of uncertainty and placed greater pressure on the teams, in addition to the particularly high level of this year’s competition.

“Our team was ranked third after the second round. It faced some difficulties selling its packs of cereals although its prices were already very low compared with the market,” explains Thomas Boillat, “but it tackled the challenge brilliantly, finally climbing to top place in half an hour.”

Our warmest congratulations to the winners and the team of researchers at HEC Lausanne who supported them!