HEC Business Game

Last Saturday, the 22 teams (12 managers and 20 investors) enrolled in the course HEC Business Game gave a presentation during which they analyzed the performance and the strategy they adopted during the final game that took place one week earlier. The course started in February with the goal to apply different concepts they have learned during the first 2.5 years of their Bachelor (e.g., accounting, marketing, operation, purchasing) and finished with the presentations. After an intense week in February, the students (88 in total) had about 2 months to prepare a strategy to conquer the market of Muesli. The two winning teams are:

  • For the managers: Groupe J with Thomas Birbaum, Robin Granges, Mathieu Meylan and Julien Cheseaux
  • For the investors: Group INV18 with Malik Briand, Jonathan Clément

The winning team of managers will defend the color of HEC Lausanne in the International ERPSim Competition that HEC Lausanne won last year.