Friday 14th June 2019 – Women Strike

Dear all,

A Women Strike will be taking place this Friday 14th June 2019 in Switzerland!

Indeed, on 14th June 1991, around 500’000 women across Switzerland united to demand substantial improvement in regards to gender equality. As we are still waiting for this to happen at many levels, women wish to reinforce their demand and call all members of the community to join on 14th June 2019.

As a Doctoral student, you also have the right to strike, because striking is a right in the Swiss law!

If you wish to join the strike, ADAS is organising a “workshop” starting from 15h30 at the CHUV (Room SAMOS at the PMU, see map below) to prepare banners and signs for the Women Strike march!

Also, most people taking part in the strike will be wearing purple or pink coloured clothes, so check your wardrobe!

For more details, keep reading below.


If you have a UNIL contract, this concerns you:

(check lower if you have a CHUV contract)

People wishing to take part in the strike are allowed to do so by participating to the events organised on campus. If you want to join activities in the centre of Lausanne, you need to take the day off. This demonstration is open to all!

To participate on campus, this is what the schedule will be like:

10h00    Hall of Biophore. Breakfast and open discussion about the topic of “Gender bias in Academia”,a registration here. Organised by the Working Group Women of Biology.

11h00*  Amphipôle. Speech by the Rector of the UNIL and presentation of the UNIL/EPFL manifest.

12h-13h Amphipôle. Pot-luck picnic. Bring something to eat and share. Syrups and some drinks will be provided.

13h-15h Talks from associations, open stage (registration in the morning), banner workshops, visit of the photo exhibition at the Equal Opportunities Office (ground floor of Unicentre), testimony wall to be filled in (between Amphimax and Amphipôle).

15h00   Countdown and gathering.

15h24* Gathering of UNIL and EPFL groups in front of the Amphipôle, and speech.

16h00 End of the program on campus, and departure to the demonstration in Saint-François, downtown Lausanne.

* nationwide happenings

A daycare will be organised and available on campus, and a snack offered to children. For more information, please get in touch with

You are all free to decide to join us for the whole day, or just for an hour or two, and thus express your solidarity toward this national large scale movement, advocating actual equality and the end to any form of discrimination toward women.

Men who want to show their support by helping with logistics and operational tasks can contact the group of supportive men:

You can find more information here.


If you are working under a CHUV contract, this concerns you:

The employees wanting to join the Women Strike on Friday 14th June can freely do so without any administrative penalty. However, they must announce it first, to ensure that emergency and essential care to the population is guaranteed by applying a minimum essential service.

The time spent participating in the strike will not be discounted, and it will be deducted from the salary, according to Article 133 RLPers. No time compensation will be allowed. Employees who do not announce their taking part in the strike and who are absent from work without a valid reason will be violating their obligations (Articles 59 LPers and 132 RLPers). The announcement of employees going on strike must be addressed to the Human Resources Direction and through the management.

Furthermore, the Council of the State of Vaud decided to give time off from 15h30 on Friday 14th June to those wanting to join the strike procession. The non-working time will be considered as leave time that can be compensated by extra working hours or according to the  usual modalities defined inside the departments. 

To sum up, people who wish to strike and take part in the march, or those willing to only join the march, have to declare it to their professor.


If you wish to take part in the events organised in the city of Lausanne, here is some information:

Schedule 14th June in Lausanne:

from 8h00    Breakfast and events in downtown Lausanne, meet at Place St-François

10h00            Flash mob and choir at the CFF train station

from 11h00 Reading of the call for strike, picnic, workshops, animations, self-defence class at Place St-François

15h24            General gathering at Place St-François, public speaking, music

18h00            Manifestation in Lausanne

from 20h00 Official strike party at Arsenic

Information and detailed schedule for the canton of Vaud can be found here 

Official website of the strike


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