committee 2010-2011

Members of the committee

  • Lukas Baitsch (Ludwig), co-president
  • Laeticia Kolly (DAL), co-president
  • Damiano Cosmo del Vescovo (DPT), Treasurer
  • Noémie Gardiol (Ludwig), Secretary
  • Andreas Joosten (CHUV), webmaster
  • Claire Bertelli (IMUL), active member
  • Nadia Steiner (CHUV), active member
  • Nayuta Brand (DEE), active member
  • Brigida Rusconi (IMUL), active member
  • Sonia Domingos Pereira (URO), active member
  • Stéphanie Corgnac (DB), active member
  • Ousmane Cisse (IMUL), active member

Representative list

  • Doctoral School Board: Damiano del Vescovo / Lukas Baitsch / Sonia Domingos Pereira / Stéphanie Corgnac
  • Biology School Board:Laeticia Kolly / Lukas Baitsch / Stéphanie Longet (suppléante)
  • Appeal Board: Andreas Joosten
  • Groupe de conseil pour la gestion du budget SVS : Lukas Baitsch / Laeticia Kolly
  • Commission of Research: Lucas Spierer
  • Board of the section of fundamental sciences: Noémie Gardiol / Brigida Rusconi
  • Faculty Board: Noémie Gardiol / Damiano del Vescovo / Laeticia Kolly (suppléante) / Sonia Domingos Pereira (suppléante)
  • University Board: Brigida Rusconi
  • Correspondant ACIDUL : Nayuta Brand