Difficulties and Conflicts


Difficulties in every day life or university

Several services at the UNIL offer help to master difficult situations. You will find in the following section the descriptions of these services that you can contact if needed.

A complete list indicating the steps to follow in case of problems can be found on the following webpage (only French):


Services at the university level

Mediation Bureau c, t
Help UNIL c, t, p
Socio-cultural affairs service (SASC) f, p
Spiritual guidance p
Bureau for egalities e

Services/ persons to contact at the faculty level

President of thesis committee t
Director of the doctoral school t
Local ombudsman s

 Abbreviation list:

t Problem with the thesis or thesis director
c Other interpersonal conflicts in the university
e Problems of sexual equality
p Personal problems outside university
f Financial or legal problems
s Scientific integrity problems, suspicion of fraud


Service/Contact Description Link/Contact
Mediation bureau The external mediator should facilitate the negotiation during interpersonal conflicts inside the university. The outcome should be an agreement that satisfies everybody involved. https://www.unil.ch/interne/page43706.html
Help UNIL The people at Help UNIL are members of the faculties, services and partner associations that have followed a specialization in guidance. They are here to listen to and help members of the university with problems that they cannot solve on their own. UNIL Help
Social affairs and student mobility service You can contact this service when you have financial or legal problems. Their website has also useful information about life in Switzerland and mobility. They also offer a psychiatric and psychotherapy support. https://www.unil.ch/sasme/en/home.html
Spiritual guidance UNIL-EPFL spiritual counsel is organized by the catholic and reformed church. They offer support and guidance during difficult times. https://www.unil.ch/aum/page41705.html
Bureau for egalities The bureau of equal chances tries to promote equal chances for women and men at UNIL. They can be contacted for any questions related to sexual equality. https://www.unil.ch/egalite/fr/home.html
President of thesis committee In case the thesis jury has already been assigned the jury president is the person of contact in case of problems with the thesis director. The amount of support given by the jury president varies strongly among the presidents.  
Director of the doctoral school
Prof. Niko Geldner
The director of the doctoral school is here to help you for problems related to your thesis. It is possible to ask for an appointment: phdthesis[at]unil.ch
Local ombudsman The researchers of the faculty can contact the ombudsman in case of suspicion of scientific fraud. The latter will look at the complaint and judge its pertinence. https://www.unil.ch/interne/page43706.html