Association of “Corps Intermédiaire” and PhD students

ACIDUL was created in May 2003. The main goal of this association is to regroup and represent all the members of “corps intermédiaire” (CI) and PhD students from UNIL to defend their interest in academic and political authorities.

It will also take over the management of representations of CI in commissions (e.g. Council of the University) and ensure a better flow of information towards and within members of the CI.

(The first battle won by ACIDUL was the fifth week of vacation. In spring 2003, assistants of all faculties of the University have come together to start a petition for a fifth week of vacation, aiming to have the same leave as the other employees of the State of Vaud and also to reintegrate the pension fund from the State of Vaud. In December of the same year, we received a letter promising us the same holidays and vacations as the other employees of the University. )