Welcome on the website of the scientific computing group of the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. We are part of the Institute of Earth Sciences in the Faculty of Geosciences and Environment. Our group is mainly interested in the development of high-performance geocomputing applications.

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Within our research, we focus on forward modeling of the physics of geological and natural processes with the use of supercomputing. We base our development on classical and well-established methods combining applied mathematics and computer science, selecting the most suited ones to achieve cutting edge science.

Our group aims at interdisciplinary research, regrouping different fields from the geosciences into a dynamic and method oriented team, lead by Prof. Yury Podladchikov also member of the CADMOS board.

We are currently using explicit and implicit methods together with parallel computing development environment such openMP, MPI, Cuda to take the maximum out of the latest hardware accelerators (multi-core CPUs, GPUs, MICs).

The group is also teaching a wide range of BSc and MSc classes at university. Introduction classes for BSc are designed to acquire the basics of numerical modeling, while MSc classes offer to students a large variety of geocomputing related projects to train their skills. Teaching local student is an important step enhancing the lateral spreading of supercomputing.

  • Reactive porosity waves resolved in 3-D Resolving how metamorphic (de)volatilisation reactions in the lower crust can induce porosity changes in response to the propagating fluid pressure anomalies on high resolution and in three dimensions on graphical processing ...
  • M2Di software published On the 20th January, 2017, the g-cubed Technical Report (methods) by Ludovic Räss, Thibault Duretz, Yuri Podladchikov & Stefan Schmalholz got accepted online. M2Di is a suite of Matlab 2D routines ...
  • octopus upgrade – 136 Titan X GPUs In Summer 2016, we got granted a project submitted to the FINV (Fond d’Investissement du Canton de Vaud) for 2016. The goal of this project was to extend the octopus ...