The SPACE project gets the 2019 ICPA President’s Award!

« The Council of Europe has been awarded the 2019 International Corrections and Prisons Association (ICPA) President’s Award as a recognition for the collection and collation of the Council of Europe Annual Penal Statistics (SPACE). Data related to prisons are collected since 1983 (SPACE I) and data related to non‑custodial sanctions and measures (SPACE II) are collected since 1992. The data are provided by an extensive network of national correspondents working in the prison and probation services of the 47 Council of Europe member States. These data are collected, verified and analysed for the Council of Europe by a team of experts from the University of Lausanne. SPACE is an important world‑wide used source of comparative information and data. These data play a key role in enabling public authorities to make informed policy decisions in the penal field » (more information here).