A new MOOC “Reproducible Research II: Practices and tools for managing computations and data,” will be available on the FUN platform from 16 May to 4 September 2024

Following the success of the MOOC “Reproducible research: methodological principles for transparent science,” the authors continue on the same theme, dealing more specifically with massive data issues and their complex calculations. These two MOOCs complement each other and offer a coherent training program.

In this second MOOC, we will show you how to improve your practices for managing extensive data and complex computations in controlled software environments:

  1. You will learn how to use formats like JSON, FITS, and HDF5, platforms like Zenodo and Software Heritage; tools like git-annex, docker, singularity, guix, make, and snakemake;
  2. We will show you how to integrate them in a real-life use case: a sunspot detection study. You will see for yourself that our methods and tools allow you to work reliably and reproducibly.

The strength of this new MOOC lies in its general and systematic presentation of the major concepts and their translation into practical solutions through numerous hands-on sessions with state-of-the-art open-source tools.

To see the course description and register now, follow the link to the FUN platform: https://www.fun-mooc.fr/en/courses/reproducible-research-ii-practices-and-tools-for-managing-comput/