Gabriela Villalobos-Zúñiga

I create persuasive tech. My goal is to understand what motivates individuals to chase their objectives. Particularly, I support people to improve or change their behavior with temporary technology support. Health, Physical Activity, and Wellbeing are my focus fields. My research lies in the intersection between behavior changehuman-computer interaction, psychology and software development.

I enjoy creating software, sharing knowledge and training and leading people. These activities were my routine while working back in Costa Rica -my fascinating home country-.

In my PhD research, I study human motivation. Particularly,  the effects of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation (based on Self-Determination Theory) on physical activity.  I do this through long-term mobile technological interventions.

When not wearing my researcher hat, I travel to new cities to enjoy concerts of my favorite music bands. I also love cooking and recently got immersed in the yoga world.

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Contact: gabriela[dot]villalobos[at]unil[dot]ch

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