Life Changing Events

tablet with JobUp notification settings

tablet with JobUp notification settingsLife-changing events (or LCEs) can alter a person’s status quo and threaten well-being. Previous research investigated distinct LCEs, where participants already used technology routinely. This paper reports the results of two field studies through which we compared supports people refer to when experiencing different LCEs. Together with users of technology, our sampling included participants who specifically did not refer to online services and tools to seek help during their LCE. We found that popular services people refer to are inattentive to the needs of people experiencing an LCE as they do not allow forms of progressive engagement and disclosure within the service. We also found that popular services are imprudent as their design might expose users experiencing an LCE to more sources of stress. Finally, we found that these services are inapt to support these users as they do not provide direct forms of interactions with experts.

Project Leader: Mauro Cherubini.

UNIL collaborators: James Tyler

External collaborators: Wendy Moncour (University of Dundee, UK)


  • M. Cherubini, L. Reut, J. Tyler and M. Ortlieb. Inattentive, Imprudent and Inapt: Discovering Inadequacies of ICT During Life-Changing Events Through the Lens of Non-Users. Behaviour & Information Technology (BIT). Accepted in May 2020, in press.