Kavous Salehzadeh Niksirat

I am a postdoctoral fellow (research scientist) in the PET and ISP Labs at UNIL-HEC Lausanne, where I work on addressing multiparty privacy conflicts in social networks. Before joining UNIL, I was working as a postdoctoral fellow at the HCI GroupEPFL, headed by Dr. Pearl Pu from 2019 to 2020. Prior to that, I was a visiting researcher at the Center for Human-Engaged Computing, Japan, in 2018.

I earned my Ph.D. degree in human-computer interaction under the supervision of Prof. Xiangshi Ren from Kochi University of Technology, Japan in 2018. I was working at the intersection of digital health interventions and well-being. My research aim was to investigate the principles underlying the design and development of interventions to improve mental and physical well-being. During my Ph.D., I focused on developing a framework to foster attention-regulation in mindfulness practices. Recently, I was working on designing behavior recommender systems to improve the physical activeness of elderly users, under the framework of REACH Horizon2020.

For more information visit my personal website: http://member.acm.org/~kavous