Alessandro Silacci

I obtained a master of science in engineering degree at the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland, where I specialised in complex information systems. I mostly worked around data science and machine learning. As I am a huge sports enthusiast, I focused my master thesis around virtual coaching for road cyclists. My research interests are mostly focused around physical activities and artificial intelligence.

I started informatics with an apprenticeship, hence I have a general practical knowledge of IT on which I capitalised early on. I worked for many different clients, mostly doing web development. I also did two years of mobile development for a motorsports company based in England. It is while doing my bachelor thesis that I first experienced the research field, with Mr. Michel Beaudouin-Lafon and Mrs. Wendy E. Mackay at Université Paris-Sud, and I fell “in love” with this constantly growing knowledge environment. Finally, I made a one-year civil service work developing a system to support patient healthcare after hospital discharge.

I think that computer science really needs to be seen as a human partner and not replacement and thus users shall always be included in the creation process. I am thrilled to provide any contribution to the research world and encourage, a bit more, the partnership of computer science and humanity towards a common good.