Julia Fellrath

I am a postdoc researcher at MySpace Lab. My current research focuses on the electrophysiological correlates of the peripersonal space representation during socio-emotional interactions (project in collaboration Dr. Jandus’ group from the Ludwig Cancer Research, UNIL) and during modified states of consciousness (project in collaboration with Dr. Siclari’s group from the “Centre d’Investigation et de Recherche sur le Sommeil”, CHUV).


Before joining MySpace Lab, I worked as a postdoc researcher in Prof. Jason Mattingley’s Lab at the Queensland Brain Institute (Australia), thanks to an SNSF grant (“EarlyPostdoc.Mobility” fellowship, 2016-2018). My SNSF research project aimed to study the causal role of functional connectivity networks for visual perception by combining transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) and HD-EEG. I completed my PhD with Prof. Radek Ptak at the Cognitive Neurorehabilition Lab of the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG).

I’m also working as clinical neuropsychologist at the “Service de Neurologie” of the HUG.


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