Giulio Mastria

I have joined the MySpace lab in May 2018 as a PhD student, where I’m currently involved in research projects that use fMRI to evaluate the relationship between superior cognitive function and multisensory body representation and its plasticity in amputees. I studied medicine at the Sapienza University (Rome, Italy), where I’ve done an internship in the Neurocritical Care Unit and the Headache Research Centre of Umberto I Hospital. During my thesis I used tDCS, a neuromodulation technique, for the treatment of refractory chronic migraine and bipolar disorder. I also studied complex visual and bodily image disturbances as a consequence of migraine aura.


Mastria G., Mancini V., Viganò A. & di Piero V. (2016) Alice in wonderland Syndrome: A Clinical and Pathophysiological Review BioMed Research International

Mancini V., Mastria G., Frantellizzi V. et al., (In press) Aripiprazole-triggered Alice In Wonderland Syndrome episodes studied with 99mTc-HMPAO brain SPECT European Neurology