Main page – intranet interface

  1. Choice of language.
  2. Proposed search criteria, for example “my publications” or “my entries”.
  3. Search field. The magnifying glass button is used to launch the search. The right button (circular arrow) is used to reset the fields.
  4. Generate a shareable link leading to the results of the selected search criteria.
  5. To show/hide the advanced search, click on the circled icon.
  6. You have the possibility to sort your search results according to different criteria (last modification, relevance, year, etc.). Select the desired filter. The triangle on the right indicates the sort order, which you can reverse if you wish by clicking on it. You can also choose the number of records visible on the page.
  7. Perform actions such as exporting the results of the checked searches (see 9).
  8. Click on this icon to show/hide publication details and to edit the record.
  9. Select the publications on which to perform an action (see 7).