Transmission Electron Microscopes

TALOS 120 kV

Room BIO-1201

Description: 120 kV Talos with CETA camera equipped with MAPS, VELOX, AUTOTEM for large images and tomography (lont term deware), holder for 3 grids

Microscope électronique JEOL JEM 2100 Plus. © Willy Blanchard, EMF, UNIL
JEOL JEM 2100 Plus

Room BIO-1215

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Description: 200kV LaB6 microscope with serialEM and TVIPS camera for cryo-microscopy and tomography

microscope Philips CM 100, salle 1201, EMF, UNIL, © Willy Blanchard
Philips CM100 1201

Room BIO-1201

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Description: Philips CM100 Biotwin (100KV) + bottom mount TVIPS F416 camera (4kx4k) + EDAX.

FEI TECNAI T12 © Willy Blanchard, EMF, Université de Lausanne

Room BIO-1204

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Description: FEI Tecnai Spirit BioTwin (120kV) + bottom mount TVIPS F416 camera (4kx4k).
Ideally suited for tomography on plastic sections using Serial EM software which allow automatic collection of tomographic tilt series

equipped for cryo-EM

Scanning electron microscopes

CryoFIBSEM TFS Aquilos 2

Room BIO-1212

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Description: TFS Aquilos 2 cryo-FIBSEM with lamellae lift-out

Helios nanolab 650 FEI, © Willy Blanchard
Helios nanolab 650 TFS

Room BIO-1210

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Description: FEI Helios Nanolab 650 DualBeam (FESEM/FIB). SE, BSE, STEM detectors (ICD-BSE/MD-BSE/TLD-SE/TLD-BSE/ETD). High precision 5-axes motorized stage. Auto Slice and View and Maps software.

Ideal for: high resolution imaging, biological samples, temperature variation.

Quanta FEG 250 © Willy Blanchard
Quanta FEG 250

Room BIO-1210

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Description: FEI Quanta FEG 250. SE, BSE, STEM and E-SEM detectors. Low vacuum and ESEM capability enables charge-free imaging and analysis of non-conductive and/or hydrated specimens. EDAX Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) Detector for elemental profiling and mapping.

Ideal for: high resolution imaging, EDX, biological samples, temperature variation.