Forms to fill and administrative steps


Internal users need to fill a Statement of Work (SOW) that can be asked to any EMF staff member


If you are external user, the head of departement will have to sign a Master Service Agreement once. This MSA is signed by the dean of the FBM on our side. The MSA needs to be filled only once. Then each different user covered by the MSA needs to fill a Statement of Work (SOW) signed by the head of EMF and the user.

These documents can be sent via email but you will be ask to download, sign them and send them back the first time you access PPMS. You can ignore this request and click on « I agree » if you have already sent the document back.

It is necessary for you to create a UNIL account following step 1. For those of you who already possess a UNIL account, please proceed to step 2.  


If you are not yet registered at UNIL, to complete this process, please refer to the instructions provided in the following link:


Once you have successfully created your UNIL account, and received your UNIL login, you can use the UNIL VPN to access our booking system, PPMS, as well as your network share for downloading data acquired at the EMF, from outside the campus. Please note that data are temporary stored. 

The network share can be accessed at the following address:  

For PC : \\\RECHERCHE\PLTF\FBM\EMF\pfemf\emfdata\D2c\ «your unil login» 

For mac: smb://nasdcsr/RECHERCHE/PLTF/FBM/EMF/pfemf/emfdata/D2c/ « your unil login »

Instructions on how to connect to this share can be found on the FBM wiki page.  

If needed, your UNIL password can be changed anytime on and your PPMS password can be changed on PPMS.

For PI: by having a UNIL login, you will be able to access all un-invoiced bookings/trainings/orders made at the EMF for the current month on PPMS. Once connected, go to the Reports tab, then to the Outstanding charges report. The report will show you the sum for all your group members and the total for your group. 

Important: prices in the report do not include 8.1 % VAT or 15% overhead. However, they will be added to the final invoice. Overhead is applicable for academic institutes or private companies other than UNIL, CHUV, CHUV affiliates, and Etat de Vaud inside or outside of Switzerland. For private companies in Switzerland, 8.1 % VAT is applicable. 

Every month, your group leader receives a bill from UNIL. Group leaders can check the status of your expenses at anytime on PPMS.

Please note that EMF is not liable for data storage and DMP. The groups are responsible to save their data on their sides. EMF does not store and manage data on middle/long term