Climate Science & Environmental Data Science

Introduction to Scientific Programming with Python

Fall 2022

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Géomatique et Systèmes d’Information Géograaphique

Automne 2022

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Teaching Experience before UNIL
Kaufman Teaching Certificate Program (2017, MIT Teaching & Learning Laboratory)

I passed the Kaufman Teaching Certification in Spring 2017. I had the chance of being taught by Dr Mareshia Donald, who opened my eyes on how to better define teaching objectives, create an inclusive classroom, and efficiently use the pedagogy research literature.

The General Circulation of the Ocean (2016, MIT PAOC 12.801)

I was the teaching assistant for 12.801 during Spring 2016. This graduate-level class applied fundamental principles of geophysical fluid dynamics to understand the general patterns of the ocean circulation and stratification. Topics included the mid-latitude wind-driven circulation, the Southern Ocean circulation, and the global overturning circulation. Concepts were introduced through a combination of theory, numerical simulations, and observations.

Atmospheric Radiation and Convection (2015, MIT PAOC 12.815)

I was the teaching assistant for 12.815 during Fall 2015. The atmospheric radiation part of the class introduced the physics of atmospheric radiation, remote sensing (including the use of computer codes), the radiative transfer equation (including emission, scattering and numerical solutions), spectroscopy, Mie theory, and inverse problems in remote sensing of atmospheric temperature and composition. The atmospheric convection part of the class introduced the physics of dry and moist convection (including moist thermodynamics and the use of computer codes), radiative-convective equilibrium, and shallow & deep convection.

Undergraduate Physics (2012-2014, Lycée Sainte-Geneviève PC)

I taught undergraduate-level physics, including waves, electromagnetism, optics, Newtonian, solid and fluid mechanics.