Our Values

This page will be updated regularly to reflect lab members’ feedback. We also have an internal onboarding document for group members that covers mutual expectations, settling in, and using the UNIL high-performance computing cluster.

Collaboration and Inclusivity

We strive to:

  • Create a research environment where everyone feels welcome and supported regardless of their individual background/identity, which includes combatting discrimination of all forms (nationality, race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion, etc.)
  • Informally and frequently share research progress within the lab, including during the weekly lab meetings
  • Openly discuss research obstacles and seek advice/help in the lab
  • Share helpful resources at UNIL and beyond
  • Offer kind and actionable feedback to help lab peers improve our research
Open and Reproducible Research

We make:

  • Our papers accessible to all by posting preprints (via e.g., arXiv or ESSOAr) as soon as the research has gone through internal peer-review
  • Our code public by releasing our repositories on Github and Gitlab
  • Our research reproducible by documenting the software and computing environment used for a project in its preprint, linking the preprint to the corresponding code repository, openly sharing negative results, and clearly defining all variables and acronyms used in a paper [helpful reference]
  • Our presentations accessible by posting recordings at this link
Work-Life Balance

We promote work-life balance by:

  • Encouraging all lab members to take 5 weeks of paid holidays
  • Not scheduling project meetings during weekends or national holidays
  • Respecting non-traditional schedules: Lab members are free to set their own work days/hours as long as they attend the weekly lab meeting.
  • Encouraging lab members to take a paid parental leave when applicable
UNIL Institutional Values

1. Critical Knowledge

2. Autonomy

3. Universality

4. Civic Engagement

5. Personal Recognition and Appreciation

More details are given in the “Charte de l’UNIL” at this link (in French)