Dr. Oscar Esteban (Ambizione FNS Fellow)

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Contact: phd(at)oscaresteban(dot)es

Oscar Esteban is a Research and Teaching Ambizione FNS Fellow at the Service of Radiology of the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV) and University of Lausanne. Oscar’s research aims at pushing the boundaries of neuroimaging — magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) mostly, — and by that, help other researchers advance our understanding of the human brain.

In more specific terms, Oscar is currently developing tools that cater for researchers with “analysis-grade” data (see www.nipreps.org for more on this concept,) so they can focus on the statistical modeling and inference. Perhaps, the flagship of these tools is fMRIPrep. This drive for the preprocessing step of the neuroimaging research workflow is justified by the concerning methodological variability that negatively contributes to the reproducibility in the field. In particular, Oscar wants to improve the computational reproducibility of our results and minimize this methodological variability in the preprocessing step by standardizing workflows and reaching consensus implementations. In the longer term, Oscar’s vision is to contribute in uncovering the interplay of structure, function, and dynamics of brain connectivity using MRI.