Mr. Nino Hervé (Ph.D. Student)

I am currently immersed in a Ph.D. journey within the Connectomics lab, where my focus is on integrating connectomes into [electroencephalogram]( (EEG) source reconstruction. Essentially, our goal is to decode real-time brain activity using EEG data and leveraging our understanding of the brain’s structural connections provided by connectomics.

My fascination with Neuroscience dates back to my high school years. Driven by a desire for understanding rather than mere memorization, I pursued a Bioengineering education at École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).

I am deeply passionate about applying rigorous mathematics and physics to tackle complex problems in Neuroscience, while also embracing the advancements in fields like Machine Learning.

In my research, I am utilizing new hospital data with a particular focus on individuals living with epilepsy. This fills my work with purpose, motivating me every day to make meaningful contributions.