Dr. Tommaso Di Noto (Alumni)

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Contact: tommydino(at)hotmail(dot)it

Tommaso was born in Ancona, Italy. He obtained a BSc in Biomedical Engineering at “Università Politecnica delle Marche” in 2015. Then, he moved to “Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma” where he obtained a MSc in Biomedical Engineering in 2017.

He carried out his thesis internship at “Centro Diagnostico Italiano” (Milan): under the supervision of Prof. Paolo Soda and Dr. Sergio Papa, he joined a project which consisted in performing early detection of aspecific breast areas from CE-MR images, using machine learning.

In March 2018, he moved to Zürich after obtaining a research fellowship granted by ESOR and Bracco. There, he conducted a similar project under the supervision of Prof. Hatem Alkadhi at the University Hospital of Zürich (USZ): they designed a machine learning pipeline for distinguishing myocardial infarction and myocarditis from LGE-MR images.

From September 2018 to January 2019, he did an internship at Varian Medical Systems – iLab (Baden, Switzerland) during which he helped developing a software for the segmentation of the patient’ arms during breast treatment.

In March 2019, he started his PhD in Lausanne under the supervision of Prof Patric Hagmann and co-supervision of Dr. Jonas Richiardi and Dr. Meritxell Bach Cuadra. The main focus of the thesis will be the application of deep learning  tools for the detection of clinically-relevant changes in medical imaging. On one hand, he will focus on the automatic detection of cerebral aneurysms, and on the other hand he will investigate NLP techniques to monitor the progression of patients with high-grade gliomas, both exploiting images and medical reports.

During his free time, Tommaso likes practicing sports, hiking, playing chess and playing the piano.