Mr. Giulio Castegnaro (Alumni)

Giulio Castegnaro

Contact: giulio(dot)castegnaro(at)

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in psychological science at the University of Padua,Italy, I moved to Utrecht, the Netherlands, to further pursue my studies in Neuroscience and Cognition. As part of my master’s, I completed a research internship at Nick Ramsey’s BCI lab at UMC Utrecht, focusing on the structural connectivity between dorsal and ventral visual streams.

Since the beginning of 2020, I have the pleasure to join Patric Hagmann’s team at CHUV as a research intern. Here, under the supervision of Katharina Glomb, I am trying to disentangle the relationship between functional harmonics and chronic schizophrenia starting from resting-state fMRI scans.

I am always happy to hear and discover new ways to further our understanding of the brain and of intelligence, particularly when aiming at increasing the well-being of those affected by disorders and diseases.