What is ORPHEUS ?

ORPHEUS is an association of biomedical and health science faculties and institutions, whose goal is to develop standards for PhD education, strengthen career opportunities for PhD graduates and promote collaborations between institutions.

What does this conference focus on?

The ORPHEUS conference will open the debate around the postgraduate education. The main focus will be on learning and teaching methods. 

Why should you go there?

Every PhD candidate finds himself surrounded by so much information, needing to learn increasingly complex techniques in a brand new independent context of learning, while also acquiring highly important transversal or soft skills. During the meeting, professors and faculty members will be discussing your training program and the steps to turn you into the independent researcher you are meant to become. Be part of the discussion, see what is being decided and bring your own views and opinions on the table! It is about you that everything will be about! Plus, it is a great networking experience, as people will be coming from all over the world.

When and where?

The previous ORPHEUS conference took place in Braga, Portugal on 2nd-4th April 2020. Registration was 50€ for students.

Find out more on the event website.