What is ORPHEUS ?

ORPHEUS is an association of biomedical and health science faculties and institutions, whose goal is to develop standards for PhD education, strengthen career opportunities for PhD graduates and promote collaborations between institutions

What does this 9th conference focus on?

The 9th ORPHEUS conference will open the debate around the postgraduate education with the following theme: Creating Career Opportunities in Life and Health Sciences. For this occasion, experts in both academia and industry will discuss about career opportunities and expectations of the professional world. The impact of interdisciplinary PhD programs and the quality of PhD supervision will be discussed as well. PhD candidates will also participate as co-chairs of both plenary sessions and workshops.

Why should you go there?

Every PhD candidate wonders what the rest of the path will be, knowing that the odds of a career in academia are slim. During this conference which will be followed by the Life Science Career Day, career alternatives and employers’ expectations will be discussed, thus answering to some questions PhD candidates ask themselves.

For this, ADAS is organizing a pre-conference workshop which will focus on what PhD programs are lacking in regard to the preparation of the PhD candidates for the professional world which awaits them.

Moreover, a party will be organized for PhD students who will have attended the conference. This evening will allow them to broaden their network (and to work and their complimentary skill of “drinking”)

Advantage for PhD candidates:

The access to the conference will be free for the PhD candidates who wish to help out (in the organization).

Involvement of ADAS

ADAS is implicated in the organization of the 9th ORHPEUS conference in several aspects:

– Organization of the pre-conference workshop entitled « Improve Biomedical PhD programs for non-academic careers».

– Organization of the PhD party which will take place the April 3rd

– Assistance of the gala organization which will take place April 4th

– Alternative housing

When and where?

The PhD School of the FBM is organizing, with the collaboration of ADAS, the 9th ORPHEUS conference which will take place in CHUV from April 3rd to 5th 2014.