Access to the Electron Microscopy Facility of the University of Lausanne

Bâtiment Biophore, quartier Sorge, UNIL. microscopie électronique © Willy Blanchard

Bâtiment Biophore, quartier Sorge, UNIL

The Electron Microscopy Facility (EMF) welcomes investigators from all departments of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine and other Faculties of the University of Lausanne. We are also open for other academic institutions as well as for industrial partners.

The team of EMF is specialized in cell biological microscopy from viruses to tissue. We provide instrumentation, technology and advanced expertise in electron microscopy.

The EMF offers advice to setup up microscopy experiments, training on our instruments for interested users and application support but also a service to analyse a limited number of samples. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the sample preparation process and provide its expertise in imaging and analysis of your data.

The EMF can best be contacted by Irina Kolotueva