“Managing data as an asset in the digital and data-driven enterprise” – Rethink! IT Europe, Berlin

Opening address – Master Data Excellence Forum for Life Sciences, Berlin

“The Future of Data Management – Digital Transformation and the Consequences for Master Data Managers” Keynote (english), Marcus Evans Conference on Master Data and Enterprise Information Management, Madrid (Spain)

“Digitalisierung, Big Data und Industrie 4.0 –Konsequenzen fu?r das Datenmanagement der Zukunft” Keynote (german), Euroforum Stammdatenmanagement-Forum, Düsseldorf (Germany)

“There is an app for that!” – Talk Lémanique
October 30, 2014
“There is an app for that!” was the topic of Christine Legner’s SIX Payment Services’ talk Lémanique.

“Serious games” based on SAP ERP – ERPsim Workshop in Berlin
More than 50 European professors and lecturers participated in two ERPsim workshops co-organized by Jean-François Michon (HEC Montréal), Prof. Christine Legner (HEC Lausanne) and Dr. Sonja Hecht (TU Munich) at SAP’s Academic Conference in Berlin. The workshops’ goal was to introduce professors to game-based learning with ERPsim. ERPsim comprises a set of business simulations, developped by HEC Montréal, and runs on live SAP ERP systems. Participants make on the spot decisions regarding sales, pricing, product components, marketing investments, cash management, production sequencing and more, all by using the reports and transactions found in SAP. The workshop in Berlin covered a “hands-on” ERPsim session as well as the discussion of teaching experiences and pedagogical strategies for using ERPsim in class.

Three presentations at the European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2012)
June 11 – 13, 2012
Three papers from our research group are being presented at ECIS 2012:
Chowanetz Maximilian, Legner Christine & Thiesse Frédéric (2012). Integration: An Omitted Variable in Information Systems Research
Haki Mohammad Kazem, Legner Christine & Ahlemann Frederik (2012). Beyond EA Frameworks: Towards an Understanding of the Adoption of Enterprise Architecture Management
Löhe Jan & Legner Christine (2012). From Enterprise Modelling to Architecture-Driven IT Management – A Design Theory

Presentation «Innovation and change through cloud computing» at SAP World Tour
June 21, 2012 @ Lausanne
Christine Legner summarizes hands-on experiences of students using Business ByDesign at HEC Lausanne and recent research results.

Presentation «Wie viel Facharchitektur brauchen wir wirklich?»
October 25 – 26, 2012 @ Leipzig
Christine Legner reports on the results of the European Architecture Management study.

Presentation «Next Generation Prozessmanagement»
July 3, 2012 @ Starnberg / München