BBQ ADAS 18th JULY 2019

Join us for our annual ADAS BBQ! This warm event will make you meet your peers and enjoy Lausanne in the summer! Food is offered by ADAS!

Save the date: Thursday 18th July at Parc Louis Bourget, starting 6pm! (check the map below!)

Subscription is MANDATORY (so that we know how much food to buy): here!


BBQ ADAS and APNS – 4th August 2017

Hello everybody!

Do you want to enjoy a bit more of the summer?

Join us at the annual BBQ for all the PhD students, assistants and post-docs of the FBM.

This year the ADAS is organizing a BIG BBQ PARTY by the lake in collaboration with APNS!

Apart from being an occasion for grilling sausages/vegetables which are graciously offered by your favorite association, this day will also be the opportunity to meet up with old friends and make new ones.


When? On Friday August 4th starting at 6pm in case of good weather 

Where? At the Parc Bourget in Vidy by the lake 

How much? Food and non-alcoholic beverages are free of charge for the FBM members, beers are sold at 1 or 2 fr! You are welcome to bring some more if you like.


Also, feel free to bring a salad or dessert!

If you have an extra table and/or grill, please write to

Please register here and don’t forget to mention the number of participants.

We hope to see you all on this day!