Social activities

Lab outing at Philippe’s Chalet (2022)

Lab outing Solalex (2021)

Lab outing Grand bisse de Lens (2020)

Lab outing Swin-Golf Lavigny (2019)

Lab outing at Philippe’s Chalet (2019)

Lab outing at Tsantonnaire, Ovronaz (2018)

Lab retreat at Philippe’s Chalet (2018)

Xmas Dinner (2017)

Lab outing at Aletsch Glacier (2017)

Lab outing at Cabane Plan Névé (2016)

Lab outing at Crémin playing Swin Golf (2015)


Lab outing at Torrent-Neuf, Bisse de Savièse (2013)


Lab Retreat at Philippe’s Chalet (2013)


Hiking at Barrage d’Emosson (2012)


Hiking at Miroir d’Argentine (2011)


Visit to the garden of the Prangins National Museum (2010)
For the lab outing, we visited on July 13, 2010, the garden of the Château de Prangins, site of a Swiss National Museum. This garden contains an interesting collection of old varieties of cultivated plants.