DNA microarrays

The DNA microarray projectArabchips

The DNA microarray unit based in the Department of Plant Molecular Biology (DBMV) was established in 1997 by Prof. Edward E. Farmer and  Dr. Philippe Reymond.

Over the years, we have printed several types of microarrays, including small-scale, dedicated arrays containing defense-related, electrophile- or insect-responsive genes, large-scale 12K EST array, and a full-genome array containing specific probes for all Arabidopsis genes (EC project CATMA. www.catma.org). These microarrays were instrumental for the realization of several research projects in the group and for the development of fruitful collaborations. DNA arrays have been progressively replaced by RNAseq analyses that are now performed at the Lausanne Genomic Technologies Facility (GTF).


The DNA microarray project has been funded by the Fondation Leenaards, the Fondation Sandoz, the Fondation Herbette, the Société Académique Vaudoise, the Fondation du 450e Anniversaire (UNIL), the Fonds UNIL-EPFL, and genomics grants from the University of Lausanne.

We are grateful to Prof. Shauna Somerville (Carnegie Institution of Washington, Dept. of Plant Biology, Stanford University, CA) for having introduced us to the DNA microarray technology.