Best Paper Award ? in ACM CHI 2023

Thrilled to announce that our paper: “Changes in Research Ethics, Openness, and Transparency in Empirical Studies between CHI 2017 and CHI 2022” has received the best paper award at ACM CHI 2023.

As the HCI community grows, there is an increasing concern for responsible research practices to protect participants, encourage open publication, and enable replicability. Our paper assesses how the community has responded to this “call to action” and suggests ways to improve current practices. We show the current status quo of adopting research ethics, openness, and transparency practices by analyzing CHI 2017 and CHI 2022 paper samples.

Know more in the paper (pre-print): 

Looking forward to presenting our paper at CHI 2023 in Hamburg! 

Find all our supplementary materials at and a video summary