Body Image and Body Awareness (OCEAN)

wooden body silhouette

wooden body silhouetteThe main objective of this project is to understand whether the use of wearables produces changes in the individuals’ body image and perception. As there is a growing debate in self-tracking literature about the possibility that body representations may be affected by activity tracker use, the study will empirically investigate this point by focusing on two constructs: body image and body awareness. We will apply a mixed-method design approach: first, participants will be asked to complete a set of standardized questionnaires before and after a 3-month period of wearable use; then, in-depth interviews will be conducted on a sub-sample of participants to better understand the underlying dynamics.

Project Leaders: Arianna Boldi (University of Torino)

UNIL Collaborators: Mauro Cherubini, Kévin Huguenin

External Collaborators: Amon Rapp (University of Torino)