How to make your resume powerful ?

During the Life Science Career Day, you will have the opportunity to meet potential employers or company delegates who are interested in getting to know you better. In this situation, having a resume at hand can make the difference and distinguish you from other candidates.

How to make your resume powerful?

The Career Starter book by Talendo

This book is offered by Together AG and will be distributed at BSNL‘s booth. It contains examples of CVs (musts and don’ts), resources to better assess your skills, a checklist useful to manage your applications, figures on early career salaries to negociate your salary, and lastly a list of Swiss companies who hire students.

Checklist of the information your resume should contain (inspired by the CV examples provided by the Career Starter book by Talendo):

  • Personal details: Name, Surname, Adress, Phone number, email (your personal email)
  • Professional photography
  • Private data: Date of birth, Civil status, Nationality or Permit, Military situation – if your grade could be considered by your employer as an added-value.
  • A “Profile” section where you describe yourself in 1 or 2 sentences and explain what type of position you are looking for.
  • An “Education” section
  • A “Work Experience” section
  • An “Other Experience” section
  • A “Language” section
  • A “Computer skills” section
  • An “Interests” section

French websites for your CV (templates):

English websites for your resume (templates) :

Please note that these websites offer standardized resume (CV) templates. It is up to you to choose the model that best suits the position you are applying for.

More useful information can be found online on Together AG’s webpage, and on our Career Support webpage.