Your Career Journey Begins

You might have diverse motivations for attending the Life Science Career Day: curiosity, career guidance, preparing for what’s next, or looking for a job. Whatever your reason, you’re in the right place!

Every new chapter in life has a beginning and an end. Regardless of your academic goals, the conclusion of each stage leads to new adventures. But transitions can be intimidating (or challenging). Don’t worry! This event is designed to help you through it.

The program starts with an inspiring session that will discuss choosing between academic and non-academic paths. When is the right time to decide? What’s the private sector like? Does one choice mean saying goodbye to the other forever? Our speaker, Laure Crabbe-Vert, will offer surprising insights and inspire the audience!

Transitioning means connecting with others! Throughout the day, you’ll have the opportunity to network with companies, organizations, and 40 guests from various fields such as environment, neuroscience, health, plant science, data science, and much more!

At the closing session, guests will provide a comprehensive overview of employment opportunities in life sciences, and our career experts will offer valuable advice to support you in taking your first step in transitioning to the next chapter of your life.

Our suggestions to get the most out of the day

Check in advance the participating companies and organizations, as well as the alumni and invited speakers you want to meet during the day: you will have real opportunities to talk to them during the networking and career orientation sessions (no need to plan the meetings beforehand).

If networking is an art, keeping in touch is an even greater one! It might be helpful to have your LinkedIn profile up-to-date to connect with people you’ve interacted with. You can also come with a business card or with a short resume (for recruiters and companies), and your interlocutor will perhaps exchange her/his business card with you too.

Regarding your resume, you can get some advice here on how to prepare it and/or have it proofread by professionals all year round on university campuses (here is a list of services). *

During the day, we propose a chat with a professional recruiter (organized by our partner Talendo): come with your resume and get valuable feedback from the private sector! This exercise is recommended for those who have a clear idea of their professional choices and are already looking for work outside academia.

In addition to this service, you can add the perfect touch to your resume with a professional headshot (by Aliaphoto). Spots are very limited and are for those who are about to apply for a job.

Importantly, the 2024 program also features lectures, live interviews, company presentations, and a roundtable discussion in the main auditorium. The sessions will be interactive, allowing time for your questions : so be sure to bring them along!

We look forward to sharing the LSCD experience with you on May 2nd at the SwissTech Convention Center!

*Note that university career unities will not offer any CV check during the Life Science Career Day: as career consultations require a quiet environment, you’d better do this in their headquarters directly (for free).