Science & careers, a special event to explore your options


Topics 2019

  • The scientist’s role in society : From foe to friend – Bacteria in cancer therapy
  • Employability & career management, your communication style matters (Including a test to discover your communication style)
  • Switching to the corporate world & non-profit organizations: are you ready?
  • Get in touch with renowned companies
  • Networking with delegates & professionals from the corporate world & non-profit organizations New setup!
  • The power of communication: Filmmaking for Scientists
Program 2019

In 2018: program, mini-summary, pictures & video
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Faculty of Biology and Medicine of the UNIL
& BioScience Network Lausanne

SOC & Graduate Campus UNIL &
Together AG: Providing the Career Starter Guide (EN/FR/DE) for FREE to participants.


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“[The people that have most influenced me are] the different people I met from the beginning of my PhD until today. Not only people from academia or from research, but especially the people with different functions in a company. Being curious, talking about the various jobs and career paths allowed me to be the actor of my career and it is always on-going today!”
Clothilde Manzano, Strategic Marketing Manager, Ahlstrom-Munksjö