Session 4


This round table will allow you to better understand what a workplace/corporate culture is, its purpose and why it is so important to understand it when considering your professional choices and preparing for a job interview or career change. Motivation, integration in a team, values, management style, work environment, life balance, happiness at work: let’s talk about it!

Short introduction to workplace/corporate culture
A workplace/corporate culture is not necessarily evident from the outset. It embodies the values and beliefs of an organization that are seen through the behaviours from the Senior Management Team, that then runs down throughout the organization. The corporate culture will help inform how the Senior Management Team interacts with staff, clients and suppliers. It might be implied, rather than being openly defined, and it can develop organically over time, as the organization grows, acquires new leadership or other members of staff. The nature of a corporate culture may very well affect new recruits, especially in their interactions with the HR team.

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