Organizers of the career day

An initiative led by the University of Lausanne and its Doctoral School FBM, in collaboration with the association Bioscience Network Lausanne.

Laura De SantisProject lead & program

Alexandre Jordan – Event coordinator

Miriam Milazzo – Logistics

Ulrike Toepel – Support

Suna In – President BSNL

Laura Wyss

Silvia Podavini

Charles Bataclan

Bei-Xuan Lin

Daniela Diana

Eftychia Kyriacou

Clara Abdelnour

For sponsoring:

Student group contributing to the career day:

SV Industry, EPFL

  • Benedetta Reschini – president
  • Léo Hämmerli – vice-president
  • Elia Mounier-Poulat – treasurer
  • Flaminia Mignini Urdaneta – reporter
  • Nicolas Pafumi – visits
  • Clémence Kiehl – logistics
  • Mathéo Kappeler – sponsoring
  • Nour Ben Jaafar – social media
  • Ghassan Abboud – speakers
  • Camille Bénard – speakers

We thank the delegates of the University of Geneva, connecting with the UNIGE community and alumni:

  • Annick Salzmann, PhD, Senior scientific associate
  • Massimo Caine, Lecturer and communication officer

And also thank for their commitment and advice to the Career Day:

  • Niko Geldner, Professor, Director of the Doctoral School FBM
  • The UNIL Rectorate, via its Career Services: Orientation et carrière & Graduate Campus with Stefania D’Onofrio, Verity Elston & Sabina Rondic.
  • Carina Schey, PhD, Health economist & international public speaker and coach in effective communication and leadership.