Organizers of the career day

An initiative led by the University of Lausanne and its Doctoral School FBM, in collaboration with the association Bioscience Network Lausanne.

Laura De SantisProject lead

Alexandre Jordan – Event coordinator

Miriam Milazzo – Logistics

Ulrike Toepel – Support

Suna In – President BSNL

Laura Wyss

Silvia Podavini

Charles Bataclan

Bei-Xuan Lin

Daniela Diana

Eftychia Kyriacou

For sponsoring:

Student group contributing to the career day:

SV Industry, EPFL

  • Benedetta Reschini – president
  • Léo Hämmerli – vice-president
  • Elia Mounier-Poulat – treasurer
  • Flaminia Mignini Urdaneta – reporter
  • Nicolas Pafumi – visits
  • Clémence Kiehl – logistics
  • Mathéo Kappeler – sponsoring
  • Nour Ben Jaafar – social media
  • Ghassan Abboud – speakers
  • Camille Bénard – speakers

We thank the delegates of the University of Geneva, connecting with the UNIGE community and alumni:

  • Annick Salzmann, PhD, Senior scientific associate
  • Massimo Caine, Lecturer and communication officer

And also thank for their commitment and advice to the Career Day:

  • Niko Geldner, Professor, Director of the Doctoral School FBM
  • The UNIL Rectorate, via its Career Services: Orientation et carrière & Graduate Campus with Stefania D’Onofrio, Verity Elston & Sabina Rondic.
  • Carina Schey, PhD, Health economist & international public speaker and coach in effective communication and leadership.