Giuseppe Marino

I obtained my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Lausanne in English and History of Art in 2022. During my studies, I became interested in English linguistics, which then became my main focus for my Master’s degree, and which I am also pursuing at the University of Lausanne.

For my Master’s thesis I plan to conduct a study in a high school in the Canton of Ticino to see what preferences and opinions teachers and their students have towards the use of different varieties of English in the classroom environment.

I am currently a tutor in English linguistics, and I am working on the research project The Language of the Labouring Poor in Late Modern England as a student assistant. My first task consists of a classification of pauper letters. The project particularly intrigues me as it offers the opportunity to take a look at the past by reading people’s accounts. This opportunity does not only provide insight into their situation, but also into how the language has evolved.