Andrea Grütter

I am a former student assistant for the SNSF-funded The Language of the Labouring Poor in Late Modern England research project. I worked on the project twice, first helping in the application process where I was tasked with sorting through and matching Tony Fairman’s transcriptions and the scans of pauper petitions, as well as creating an overview. The second time, my tasks included transcribing the petitions, as well as comparing and encoding transcriptions. I personally find a lot of joy in spotting different spelling variations, and getting a glimpse at how it changes from one writer to the next, but also the differences in the same letter!

I have previously worked as a student assistant at UNIL for Vaud Multilingue and in the English Department. I completed my BA in English and German at UNIL, where I stayed for my MA in English, during which I did a semester abroad in Linguistics at Lancaster University. For my MA thesis I used corpus methods to analyze Harry Potter Fanfiction. I am currently an Assistant/PhD student at the University of Zurich in English linguistics.