Aleksa Kostadinovic

My main task in the research project The Language of the Labouring Poor in Late Modern England is to transcribe the relief letters and proof-read the already existing transcriptions with the facsimile. Another task is to look for relief letters not yet added to the project, in county or national archives.

I completed my Bachelor’s degree in 2019 in Russian and English at Lausanne University and I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in both these languages. In my final year, I took part in the exchange programme SEMP and studied for a year at Sheffield University, UK. Although I specialise in literature, the project enables me to grasp the contextual social circumstances of this period which is very rich in literary production.

I am writing my Master thesis on Soviet concentration camp guards viewed in literature and in contemporary sources. The thesis deals with transcriptions of letters and mémoires of prisoners and guards of the Gulag.