Open PhD position in lake biogeochemistry

Open PhD position in biogeochemical limnology:

A balanced Carbon budget for Lake Geneva (Switzerland)


Keywords: lakes, carbon cycle, biogeochemistry, CO2, dissolved inorganic and organic carbon, fluxes, metabolism.

The PhD candidate will address the first objective of the CARBOGEN project, namely the spatial and temporal variability of carbon fluxes and the underlying processes controlling them. The applicant will be expected to investigate the cycle of inorganic carbon in the lake (including among other dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC), dioxide carbon (CO2), carbonates…), and how it relates to environmental drivers (primary production, nutrient availability, hydrology…) both spatially (littoral versus pelagic) and temporally (from diurnal to seasonal scales). For this purpose, the PhD will rely on two exceptional high-frequency monitoring platforms, one inshore and one offshore, and exciting field surveys coupled with laboratory experiments.

The PhD candidate will be expected to work in strong collaboration with a second PhD candidate from the CARBOGEN project focusing on CO2 variability on short and long-time scales as well as collaborators from EAWAG/EPFL, Switzerland (Damien Bouffard) and the University of Liège, Belgium (A. V. Borges).


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