RS2000 CLE C – new X-Ray tube

Dear IVIF users,

The replacement of the X-ray tube and the high tension cable on the RS2000 were successfully done yesterday. It is now working properly, but please pay attention to the new dose map below.

Again looking at dose map you can easily see that the RS2000 can replace the cesium irradiator for mice and cell irradiation. 

  • MICE: we have an homogenous irradiation of about 1.74 Gy / min using the rectangular RAD+ chamber

  • CELLS : Depending your dose and size of your plate you can easily use the shelf at different positions (see dose map below): For example a cell irradiation of 10 Gy can last about 10 min on the LISA1 Cesium irradiator (about 1 Gy/min at low level) while with the RS2000 a petri dish placed at the center of the shelf level 4 can receive 10 Gy in about 2 min.

Do not hesitate to ask for help,

best regards