Fragment Analyzer Guidelines

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Pre-2020 Sample recovery

Unclaimed material (samples and libraries) from before 2021 have now been trashed

We currently keep in our freezers all material (RNA / DNA / libraries) brought or generated in 2017 and later.

On 2022 July 1st, we will trash material from years 2017, 2018, and 2019. Please contact us before this deadline if interested in recovering this material. Without explicit request from your side, this material will be trashed without further notice.

Importantly, this does not concern material brought/generated after January 2020 1st.

  • You can find a complete list of submitted starting material and libraries generated by connecting to our LIMS (Illumina or PacBio). We require a single file (csv or xls) with a list including the LIMS ID. Please see links below for a detailed explanation of how to generate such a list.
  • This material recovery will be considered by principal investigator. Please come with a single list encompassing all projects from your laboratory.

Link to Tutorial for Illumina Samples / Libraries recovery

Link to Tutorial for PacBio Samples / Libraries recovery

In most cases, no extra starting material was provided. It is therefore likely that there is none left. This sample recovery call actually mostly concerns libraries (generated from this starting material), which can be kept years without much degradation, and may be re-sequenced at some points.