All library preparation and sequencing requests must be submitted through our Laboratory Information Management System.

By performing a request through the LIMS, you commit in having the experiment performed, and in paying the corresponding bill.

We would be grateful if the GTF is mentioned in the acknowledgements of any future publications which include data produced at our Facility

Example: “Library preparation and sequencing [to be refined by the authors] was performed at the Lausanne Genomic Technologies Facility, University of Lausanne, Switzerland (”

For our records, it would also be helpful if you could inform us when articles are published. Thank you in advance for your support.

LIMS checklist

  1. If your laboratory does not have a GTF-LIMS account yet, please provide us with laboratory head name, paper mail address, phone number, and (professionnal/academic) email address. This information will be used for billing.

  2. Request by email the creation of a new project (if required). This request must include the laboratory head name, a general description of the project (1 sentence), and a short name (1-2 words code).

  3. Request your own account through this LINK (it generally takes 1/2 day to be activated). A professional email address is required.

  4. Connect to the LIMS system and submit your request.