The Team

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Organizers 2018
For the University of Lausanne
(Faculty of Biology and Medicine)
For the BioScience Network Lausanne
(Association of PhDs and Postdocs):
Dr Laura De Santis (Doctoral School FBM)
Contact: Program
Dr Elena Aritonovska
Contact: Networking Forum
Ms Sandrine Rod-Genoud & Dr M-P Charnay
(School of Biology)
Contact: Logistics
Mr Florian Uldry
Contact: Networking Forum
Ms Olivia Dobay (Doctoral School FBM)
Contact: Communications
Ms Jana Majerska & Ms Lidia Lacruzgrande
E-Booklet design
Drs Ulrike Toepel (Doctoral School LN)
Contact: Alumni Posters
And a team of BSNL active members!


Event Partners 2018
SV-Industry: Orla Thierion de Monclin, Arnaud Lesimple, Ibrahim Bekri, Mathieu Chaffard et al. : Organizing the Masters’ Alumni Café
Career & Counseling Service: Sabina Rondic & Stephen Fisher et al. : Presenting the Career & Counseling Services offered by UNIL & EPFL
Together AG Providing the Career Starter Guide (EN/FR/DE)

The Advisory Board, Faculty of biology and medicine, UNIL:

Prof Niko Geldner, Director of the Doctoral School FBM
Prof Nicolas Mermod, Director of the School of Biology