We are happy to offer you the full IMARIS package, if you have a specific biological question please ask us or watch Imaris home schools.

Upgrade from Imaris for Cell Biologists (CL) to Imaris for Core Facilities (CF) 

Imaris for Core Facilities (CF) : The package consists of one set of licenses for 
Imaris including each of the following modules: MeasurementPro, ClearView 
Deconvolution, ImarisTrackLineage, ImarisColoc, ImarisXT, ImarisCell, 
FilamentTracer , ImarisVantage, ImarisBatch and ImarisStitcher
 . It is ideally suited for researchers who need the entire functionality of Imaris on a single dedicated as a floating license.

COVID-19: Reduced on-site activities starting in November.

Dear users,

In the effort of limiting our team members on site during this second wave of COVID-19 we have decided to set up our support with one floating on-site IVIF staff between CLE and Agora and another person on remote at each time, until further notice.

All systems have been installed with remote access softwares and at any time please call us on our cell phone directly or by whatsapp is needed to show us by cam the situation (reminder Alexandre : +41795566771 or Roberto : +41795569271).

Trainings and specific experiments must be planned ahead of time to give us the possibility to get organized to assist you the best possible on site.

Thanks for your understanding and collaboration